September 2013

  1. Data privacy as a microcosm of EU-US individual autonomy divergence

    Much of what I have been reading outside of school this month has involved international privacy and data protection regulation. Recent discussions regarding the coming overhaul of EU data protection law make the topic a particularly salient one right now.   One especially helpful resource in this space is a Harvard Law Review article by […]

  2. Interesting pair of recent decisions involving Facebook

    Both cases involve Facebook and adverse employment actions, but the similarity mostly ends there: one is a First Amendment issue, the other a Stored Communications Act issue. However, both are intriguing to those interested in internet law, so I decided to flag them here.   The more publicized of these cases involved a deputy sheriff […]

  3. Joffe v. Google: Is intercepting unencrypted Wi-Fi traffic a violation of Wiretap Act?

    A panel of the Ninth Circuit yesterday held that it is. The plaintiffs sued after Google equipped its Street View image collection cars with radio antennas, collecting information–including network traffic–from Wi-Fi networks in the areas those cars were photographing. Google uses some of that data to supplement satellite-based methods of ascertaining a user’s location. The […]